Stylin’ Out: A Smart Casual Seasonal Transition

Most of my content up until now have been how-tos and more informational/educational. I’m definitely going to continue creating the same type of content that you’re used to, but I’d like to showcase a bit of my own personal style on the blog as well.

Since this is a “style blog,” after all, let’s introduce a new series here at Gentleman Within called, Stylin’ Out—featuring me. Oh man, pressure’s on.

Stylin' Out | A Smart Casual Seasonal Transition | GENTLEMAN WITHIN


Though Spring arrived in the northern hemisphere earlier this week, it sure hasn’t been feeling like it, at least where I’m at.

Transitioning from Winter to Spring isn’t easy in the Greater Philadelphia area. One day there’s a blizzard and then it’s 70 and sunny a week later. Until there’s a semblance of consistency from the weather Gods, the layers will remain intact, which isn’t a bad thing.


If you follow my Instagram, you’ll notice that my overall style leans casual. However, I do enjoy incorporating ‘smart’ elements. For example, accessories like knit ties, tie bars, and pocket squares. Wearing shoes like double monk straps or chelsea boots. Rocking dark wash denim, wool trousers, and blazers. And then finally, I love a tailored aesthetic. All of these combine to elevate a casual look into a smart casual one.

Smart Casual Getup | GENTLEMAN WITHIN
SHOP THIS LOOK—Jacket: Asos | Shirt: J. Crew | Trousers: Banana Republic | Boots: Thursday | Watch: Invicta | Tie: Cotton Brew | Tie bar: Sprezzabox | Gloves: Elma | Bracelet: Bryer Leather

Above is an example of a smart casual getup with a balance of ‘smart’ and ‘casual’ pieces. It’s also the getup featured in this first edition of Stylin’ Out.


Beautiful Bryn Mawr College which is where my photographer for this shoot is currently double majoring, all the while side hustling on her blog. Talk about a triple threat.


If you wear it spring will come right? This is how I kept warm during the tail end of Winter, while starting to incorporate a Spring aesthetic.

Had a blast shooting at Bryn Mawr’s beautiful campus. It was cold, but my photographer was a pro about it. 📷: @auderoy

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Smart Casual Winter | GENTLEMAN WITHIN

Two weeks ago during this shoot, it was in the 20s and windy. I wore a long coat, a wool scarf and gloves for warmth. Underneath, I layered with the Harrington jacket; a spring style staple.

Originally called the Baracuta G9, the Harrington jacket was popularized by Elvis Presley in the late 50s. It’s a lightweight, waist-length jacket made of cotton, polyester, wool or suede. A distinguishing feature of the Harrington jacket is its tartan/checkerboard-patterned lining.

This navy jacket is an ideal layering piece because it’s light and can easily stand alone. Plus its casual nature, and tailored aesthetic pairs exceptionally well with a tie, and button-down shirt.

Smart Casual Outdoor Walking | GENTLEMAN WITHIN

Smart Casual Cool | GENTLEMAN WITHIN

Smart Casual Accessories | GENTLEMAN WITHIN

Can’t forget accessories. These are the little details that turn a good getup into a great one. Choosing the right accessories is a balancing act. It’s important not to overdo it.

When I started really getting into style, I made the mistake of wearing way too many accessories at a time. This can lead to your accessories competing for attention or worse, clashing, which can ultimately destroy your look.

Don’t get caught in this trap like me. These days, I try my best to pare down when coordinating a getup.

With this look, I felt there was a good balance between the tie bar, dive watch, leather bracelet, and ring. It seems like a lot, but since they’re all relatively simplistic and similar in tone, it works quite well.

And of course I pulled out the summertime shades because it was sunny, but also because it looks cool.

Particularly love this series…The reflections and lines. So clean. #smartcasual Glad we shot before the storm. 📷: @auderoy

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You can scroll through the series above.

Suede in the snow? Sure. #thursdayboots 📷: auderoy

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There you have it, Stylin’ Out Vol. 1 in the books. I hope you enjoyed this piece on rocking a smart casual look during the Winter to Spring transition.

Stylishly yours,

All photos are courtesy of Audrey Lin, Founder of Brunch at Audrey’s.

She did a spectacular job with this shoot. I don’t have much experience working with photographers for these “fashion” shoots, and neither does Audrey, but she was a pro in art directing, helping me with poses and where to look. In essence, she made my job super easy.

It’s so great being able to connect with likeminded creatives. We just get each other. It was a joy talking before, during, and after the shoot about blogging, social media, and creating a community. Go check out her stellar work.

So what’s your take on the smart casual look? Drop a comment below!


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  • Honoured to have been a part of the first installment of your new series! Love the jacket and how you balanced the smart and the casual; I’ve never thought of it piece by piece like that before. Looking forward to seeing more from this series! Also thank you for all your kind words :’) Had a great time shooting with you! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    • Likewise! I’m glad the timing worked out. This post and series wouldn’t have seen the light of day without ya. Thanks for reading.