Custom Dress Shirts: A Deo Veritas Review

Last month an online custom dress shirt company called Deo Veritas reached out. I had never heard of them before which is surprising since they've been around since 2007. They asked if I'd be interested in giving their shirt designer interface a try, and providing my thoughts. After browsing through their website and … [Read more...]

Stylin’ Out: A Smart Casual Seasonal Transition

Most of my content up until now have been how-tos and more informational/educational. I'm definitely going to continue creating the same type of content that you're used to, but I'd like to showcase a bit of my own personal style on the blog as well. Since this is a "style blog," after all, let's introduce a new series … [Read more...]

How to Cuff Your Pants/Jeans | 4 Ways

Interested in learning a few ways how to cuff pants or jeans? Look no further. Here's an experimental, lookbook-y type of video showcasing how to cuff your pants/jeans, 4 different ways. First thing's first, you want to make sure that your pants are either slim or skinny fit. There should be a nice taper down the … [Read more...]