A Look At Edge Signature Men’s Bamboo Socks

I’ve written about ways to expand your style comfort zone in the past, and as many of you guys know one of the easiest ways is with a fun pair of patterned or colorful socks.

A Look At Edge Signature Men's Bamboo Socks | GENTLEMAN WITHIN


Recently, a new brand called Edge Signature reached out and wanted to send me some of their new rounded neckties and socks. The rounded ties are different to say the least, but doesn’t fit my current aesthetic and so I had to pass on them. But if you think that you could pull them off, then why not. It’ll surely allow you to stand out from all the other standard point ties out there.

Never having worn bamboo fiber socks before, they stood out to me, so I gladly accepted a pair. I’ve heard about the benefits of these kind of socks, but never looked into it.


After some quick research, here are a few benefits I discovered:

  • Bamboo socks are soft and comfortable (imagine the feeling of silk or cashmere)
  • They’re moisture wicking which makes them perfect for spring/summertime
  • They’re cleanly and easy on the skin

Since bamboo fiber is hypoallergenic and naturally microbial, it helps to prevent conditions like athlete’s foot and it can be especially beneficial for those with skin problems.

Edge Signature Men's Bamboo Socks
I went with the black and red, a classic color pairing


I prefer thinner patterns these days so I went with their black sock with a thin red stripe that you’re seeing here. The socks look and feel great, plus have a natural sheen to them, probably from the bamboo fibers.

If you’re currently in the market for a pair of comfortable, lightweight dress socks, Edge Signature is worth checking out. They only offer 4 pairs at the moment, and I hope that they expand their collection because I’d love to get my feet on a few more.

Right now they’re under $10 a pair. And they’ve got more than just socks, so you can check out their offerings of belts, ties, and other accessories like tie clips, pocket squares and leather bracelets as well.

They even graciously provided me a promo code for you guys to use for 10% off your entire purchase. Just enter “gentlemanwithin” at checkout and you’ll be good to go.

What are your thoughts on bamboo socks?


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