A First Look: Gentleman’s Box May 2017

A First Look: Gentleman's Box May 2017 | GENTLEMAN WITHIN

This May, style and taste collides, as Gentleman’s Box partners with Jim Beam Black® Bourbon to give us a special box honoring our favorite southern gentleman.

As a Gentleman Within reader, you may know that I met the founder and his business partner at a men’s style conference earlier this year. Since then, I’ve been lucky enough to partner with the fine folks at Gentleman’s Box.

They sent along the box for May and I’m going to give you guys a first look, up close at what’s inside. And if you want to check out reviews of previous boxes, I’ve got those right here and here.

Before we start, if you already know Gentleman’s Box is for you, they were kind enough to provide Gentleman Within readers with a special discount.

COUPON: Simply use coupon code GENTWITHIN to save $10 off of your first box.

Remember you can cancel at any time or put your subscription on pause for a 30 day hold if you want.


Gent's Box May 2017
Gentleman’s Box May 2017


Salt + Dapper Tie
Salt + Dapper nails the classic plaid pattern

I first learned about Salt + Dapper from the first Gentleman’s Box I received back in February. They are a lifestyle brand with old standards and modern-day design. Besides the cool name, they offer ties, scarves and other masculine accessories.

This month’s box features a maroon plaid tie. You can never go wrong with a classic plaid pattern. I like maroon over a bright red any day because it’s much more versatile. The black and cream (both versatile) accent colors also make it easy to mix and match colors.

The lightweight 100% cotton makes it a great tie for the Spring/Summer seasons. My only gripe is that the tie is a bit too similar to the tie from February’s box, but the fabric is enough differentiation for me.



Southern Scholar Socks
Have fun with your style with a pair of dotted socks

From what I know, every Gentleman’s Box comes with a pair of dapper socks. This month’s box is no exception. Southern Scholar is a sock subscription service on their own, offering unique designs for today’s professional man.

If you know me, I’m all for stripes, dots and fun patterns as a way to inject personality into your everyday getups. This maroon, white and gray combo compliments the tie nicely. And the socks have a spandex and polyester blend for softness, breathability and comfort.



The Dark Knot Lapel Pin
Loving the details of the microfiber lapel pin

I’ve known about The Dark Knot for over a year now. In fact, I had the pleasure of writing my first ever guest post for them. They started out with high-quality neckties for the modern professional, but since then have branched off with accessories like pocket squares, tie clips, bracelets, and lapel flowers. All of which helps men to get ever creative with their outfit combinations. When I heard that they were going to be making their first appearance in May’s Gentleman’s Box, I reached out to the founder himself, expressing my excitement.

This month’s box comes with the Camden lapel flower. It’s microfiber and low profile. I love anything minimalist, and this lapel pin adds just the right amount of visual punch to any suit. Wear it to a wedding, cocktail hour or next social event. It pairs well with red of course and other neutrals like black, gray and navy.

Remember, as a rule of thumb to always place the pin on your left lapel next to your pocket square.



AJ Murray's Lotion
It smells so good

Each Gentleman’s Box comes with a grooming product. At first I thought this bottle was strictly a facial lotion, but Alyssa from A.J. Murray’s corrected me, it is in fact a hand/body lotion, which is fantastic because now I can use it.

A.J. Murray’s is a family owned business based out of Louisville, KY. The lotion is made from all natural ingredients with base notes of vetiver and cedar blend with bourbon, cognac, palmarosa, and rose. I can say that I could smell the hint of bourbon and cognac, and it’s a very masculine scent. It’s worth it for the scent alone.



Jim Beam Black Woodchuck Coaster
These coasters smell magnificent

Made of 100% sustainably-sourced walnut wood, these handcrafted coasters by Woodchuck USA are the perfect resting piece for your chilled glass of bourbon. These coasters are exclusive for Gentleman’s Box. They’re sturdy and smell fresh like the great outdoors. Good thing they provided 4, one for you and a few more to share with others.



Bourbon and GQ
Each month comes with a new issue of GQ Magazine, a pretty sweet bonus

Whether you’re a Makers, Bulleit or Jim Beam Black kinda guy, one thing remains true. You need a big, Titanic sized ice cube. It makes for a better bourbon sipping experience. Your drink will stay colder longer and won’t dilute so quickly. As the ice melts it makes the flavors of bourbon bloom so that you can enjoy your favorite drink with old or new friends.

And incase you need a reminder, the Gentleman’s Box blog recently published a post on How To Drink Alcohol Like A Gentleman. Cheers!



Gentleman's Style Guide
Part style guide, part advice column, part self-improvement manual
Gentleman's Tip
“In all that you do, strive to make history”…well said
A look inside Gentleman's Box style guide
A look inside The Gentleman’s Post

If you’ve read my review of Gentleman’s Box, then you’ll know that I love “The Gentleman’s Post,” a small manual that comes with each month’s box. It’s always fun to read as I get inspired by the different ways I can wear my new accessories, and learn about the featured products.


I’m impressed by May’s offering from Gentleman’s Box. As with many of their previous month’s boxes, this one is curated so that styling becomes effortless. The tie pairs perfectly with the socks and lapel pin. The coasters and ice tray will be handy for the next get-together with my buddies, and the lotion, is a nice travel size that I’ll take on my next weekend jaunt.

From their thoughtfully curated products to the unique Gentleman’s Post booklet, Gentleman’s Box is the perfect service for men who want to level up their style and tap into the gentleman within.

Is a subscription service like the Gentleman’s Box for you?

Are you an accessories guy? Does the idea of getting ties, pocket squares, socks and other sweet accessories on a monthly basis excite you? Looking to upgrade your style or change it completely? Then you may be a prime candidate. And at just $25 a month with the ability to cancel at anytime, it’s definitely worth checking out.

Remember, you can use: GENTWITHIN & Get $10 Off Your First Gentleman’s Box.

Have you delved into the world of men’s subscription boxes? If you have any questions at all about them or the process, feel free to contact me anytime or email me at khoi AT gentlemanwithin DOT com.


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  • Alyssa

    Hi Khoi, Alyssa from AJ Murray’s here. Wanted to let you know the lotion IS a hand/body lotion so since you like the scent you don’t have to gift it after all! Plus check out the label – there’s a special discount code for our website just for those who receive this month’s box. Enjoy!

    • Hi Alyssa, for some reason after reading the booklet, I had the impression that it was for facial hair. Thanks for clarifying for me. I will update in the article. Cheers!