8 Stylish Ways To Wear Shorts This Summer

One of the reasons I started Gentleman Within is because my friends would ask me for style advice. I thought to myself, there's got to be other style conscious men out there—why not share what I know. So when a good friend from High School requested an article on how to wear shorts this summer and what type of shoes he … [Read more...]

Spring Style For Men | Outfit Ideas Lookbook

SPRING STYLE FOR MEN 2017 Here are a few casual Spring looks and one slightly more formal look that you can draw inspiration from and maybe pick up a few new favorites. You'll see quite a few Spring pieces paired together in each of these 4 different looks. Enjoy! LOOK #1 LOOK #2 LOOK #3 LOOK … [Read more...]

How to Wear a Bomber Jacket | 5 Ways Lookbook

This one is for the guys who want inspiration on how to wear the ever versatile bomber jacket. A few articles ago, I reviewed the Alpha Industries MA-1 Skymaster Flight/Bomber Jacket, and included a lookbook video, but only featured one outfit. And so I want to expand upon the review and show 4 additional ways to … [Read more...]

5 Types of T-Shirts & How to Wear Them with Style

Today a t-shirt can be found in every man's wardrobe. Along with underwear and socks, it's without a doubt the most commonly worn article of clothing. We wear them under dress shirts, jackets, and blazers, from our bedside to the beach, we even wear them to sleep. In fact, you're probably wearing one right now. So … [Read more...]

Alpha Industries MA-1 Flight Jacket Review (Pictures and Video)

If you're looking for a lightweight jacket that's not only stylish, but functional, then look no further than the MA-1 Skymaster this Spring. Today I'm going to review the Alpha Industries MA-1 'Skymaster' Lightweight Flight/Bomber Jacket— a contemporary variation of their original MA-1 flight jacket. An issue … [Read more...]

Stylin’ Out: Turtleneck Under Suit Jacket Trend

Welcome to the second edition of Stylin' Out, a series featuring a glimpse into own personal style, a trend I've been experimenting with, or other musings around the world of men's style. You can see the first in this series here. Today's look combines two instantly recognizable articles of clothing; the double-breasted … [Read more...]

Stylin’ Out: A Smart Casual Seasonal Transition

Most of my content up until now have been how-tos and more informational/educational. I'm definitely going to continue creating the same type of content that you're used to, but I'd like to showcase a bit of my own personal style on the blog as well. Since this is a "style blog," after all, let's introduce a new series … [Read more...]