What 7 Michael Jordan Quotes Can Teach You About Style

A Quick Sports Intro In the sports world, when we think about greatest of all time, a few names spring to mind. Muhammad Ali, Wayne Gretzky, Roger Federer, Tom Brady, Michael Jordan. Jordan's Greatness Let's stop with #23. Already a legend before his first retirement in '93, he came back wearing the 4-5 (exactly … [Read more...]

How to Harness Your Inner-Child In Everyday Life

This week we take a break in our discussion of all things men's style and talk about CONFIDENCE. Something many of us men can use more of in our lives. In addition to educating men on dressing better, Gentleman Within's mission is to help men to live their best lives, period. Nathan Adlam, who I had the pleasure of … [Read more...]

57 Reasons to Be A Gentleman: Top Experts Weigh In

It's not easy being a gentleman these days. The following quote describes a gentleman perfectly. "A man tries to make his mark and a gentleman strives to leave a mark. A man accepts a favor and a gentleman returns the favor. A man gives orders and a gentleman inspires. A man fits the mold and a gentleman tries to break … [Read more...]

51 Ways To Be A Gentleman

It's no question we live in a digital—always-in-front-of-a-screen—smartphone obsessed society. And with the dating apps craze more prevalent than ever, it has both men and especially women questioning, "where have all the gentleman gone?" Given the name of this blog, I should probably address my take on being a … [Read more...]