51 Ways To Be A Gentleman

It's no question we live in a digital—always-in-front-of-a-screen—smartphone obsessed society. And with the dating apps craze more prevalent than ever, it has both men and especially women questioning, "where have all the gentleman gone?" Given the name of this blog, I should probably address my take on being a … [Read more...]

Why Style is Worth Caring About

We are on the cusp of a men's style renaissance. From the ever-growing list of bloggers, YouTube channels, Instagram influencers to Tumblr and Pinterest inspiration, as well as countless subscription services, we live in a time that there's an abundance of resources to help men dress better. Dressing well has always been … [Read more...]

How to Cuff Your Pants/Jeans | 4 Ways

Interested in learning a few ways how to cuff pants or jeans? Look no further. Here's an experimental, lookbook-y type of video showcasing how to cuff your pants/jeans, 4 different ways. First thing's first, you want to make sure that your pants are either slim or skinny fit. There should be a nice taper down the … [Read more...]

Your Style Journey | Does Style Matter?

In this article I'm going to talk about a man's style journey and whether or not style matters. Umm, but Khoi, didn't you write a piece about why style is worth caring about? I did, but hear me out... It's pretty cliché, but life is a journey. A wondrous ride filled with endless ups and downs, stagnation and … [Read more...]